AU. Anna tells her friend Hans that she’s in love with a guy she recently met. Hans doubted that, so he tests her knowledge about him.

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so you guys should definitely watch patrick stewart and ian mckellen play the newlywed game and take it very, very seriously and do very, very badly

They tried, though! And honestly, who could hold anything against these men?

this is perfect, when they reveal and go “ahhhh yes i forgot” it’s almost like they know each other better than they know themselves? iunno I am just having a lot of Best Buds feelings

oh my god when they dissolve into pure english luvvyism at the end. perfection. i would watch a hundred interviews of these guys talking about, “oh, remember when i understudied for that old chap in 1966…?”

I love their facial expressions. So completely perplexed. ‘Note that they both started with a G.’

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Healthy Lemon Bars

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Two Star Uniform: Mako Mankanshoku

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Unsung heroes like this makes us believe there’s good in the world. Watch the full touching Thai life insurance commercial here. 

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HTTYD 2 / Love

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